My little one loves cooking. At least she pretends to cook….even though her ingredients are crayons, small toys and other non edible items. Then she pretends to eat them and give to us.

Yesterday, I decided that I’ll let her cook, obviously with a lot of hep from me 🙂 We made some cookies. She enjoyed herself pouring and mixing….and handing me spoonfuls of the mixture to form the dough and then flattening them herself. The funny part was that every time she touched the mixture she wiped her hands onto her. Luckily, I’ve put an apron on her so it doesn’t matter.


They came out yummy. But Rea was still in the mood of cooking…. cooking crayons. So she started to pretend to cook.

Then came the idea of actually cooking the crayons. We have a lot of broken crayons (who doesn’t!!) I’ve broken them into very small pieces and put them in egg moulds and “cooked” them. Now we have egg shaped crayons!! Next time we’ll try different shapes.