Easter Fun

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. I’ve been back to my full time work after a month off and it’s been non stop for me. Now I’ve taken a few days off for Easter again to try and relax a bit.

Yeah…..relax. I’ve done everything apart from relaxing!!

We’ve been crafting and painting, painting eggs and doing figolli, helping with homework and projects and starting projects (that I’m hoping that I’ll finish). So, very far from relaxing. Though to be fair, part for helping with the project was taking photos of Marsalforn so it was enjoyable as well.


And since it was Easter, we’ve decided to give a go at egg painting. And since the real eggs are too fragile to give to a 2 year old to paint, (probably will end up crushing it and then screams case either she’s disgusted or cause it crushed), I went safe and we used paper mache and plastic ones.

And part of our Easter tradition is baking ‘figolli’. Don’t have the recipe on hand but will post it in the next post.


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